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2012, but the bud was nipped the next year ▓due to the anti-graft campaign introduced by the central authorities, which prohibits luxury dining and gift giving with public money.In 2016, as the fine dining scene gradually revived and Michelin launche

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d its first restaurant review on▓ the Chinese mainland, piquing keen interest in restaurants at an▓ average cost of 300 yuan and above, caviar consumption started to gain momentum and soared at▓ a growth rate of 50 percent annually, acco

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rding to the association.Traditionally, caviar production depends mostly on wild fishing by ▓countries surrounding the Caspian Sea, primarily Iran and Russia. According to a report by the Foo▓d and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the wo

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rldwide catch of sturgeon reached▓ its peak in 1977 at 32,078 tons, which translated into 2,000 tons of caviar.Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, however, global caviar supply has undergone a ▓drastic decline. The long-established s

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turgeon and caviar management system gradually weakened, resulting in rampant illegal fishing and habitat degradation.Today, ▓global caviar production remains steady at around 200 tons a year and l▓argely comes from artificial breed


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ing, as several sturgeon species have been classified as endangered since 2000. The classification resulted in a ban on wild fi▓shing and at the same time triggered commercial breeding to b

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oom."It's a lucrative business, but al▓so one that poor people cannot afford to start and rich people disdain to join, considering the investment time required for the fish's maturi▓ty and egg production," Xia said.With an initial investment of aroun▓d 6 million yuan, mainly from several founding partners, Kaluga Queen harvested its first batch of caviar in 2006 and started to widely market it the following year,


when China's food-safety problem was at its peak."At first, we were treated with such bias that once they heard it's 'Made-in-China', people would turn us down immediately without opening the can and having a taste," Xia recalled.After atta▓ining several top winner titles at caviar blind tasting events and exhibitions with its high quality, Kaluga Queen had its first breakthro

ugh, becoming the supplier of Lufthansa's first-class cabins in 2011.Today, the company is expected to keep a double-digit growth rate, with produc▓tion reaching 100 tons in 2019. While the growth is seen evenly in both retail and partnership with fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels, Xia thinks there will be growing potential in retail as more Chinese consumers get their

sturgeon f arming, processing and feed ma nufacturing. Li noted that there a re no mor▓e than five c ompanies in China capa ble of managin g a complete suppl y chain of c aviar, which s tarts from s turgeon breeding and concludes wit h the fina l packaging of the delicate roe.The consumpt ion of caviar began to p ick up in  China around 通辽市库伦旗wap 嵊州市5G 翼城县5G 南丰县wap 宜宾市wap 丹东市wap 蒙自县wap 荥阳市wap 武宣县5G 广州市wap 南溪县5G 辽阳县5G 宾川县5G 河西区5G 普宁市wap 盐山县5G 道孚县wap 黔东南苗族侗族自治州5G 阿坝藏族羌族自治州5G 唐山市5G 传奇私服单职业火龙版 手机版传奇私服网站 1.85战神复古传奇私服 最新传奇私服打金服 新开传奇私服 游戏 传奇私服单机版 怎么自己制作传奇私服 找传奇私服发布网999 热血1.76传奇私服发布 变态热血传奇私服网站